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Do you a have claim?

Did you know that cavity wall insulation (CWI) has caused damage to millions of homes across the UK in recent years? If your home was built using CWI if you’ve had it fitted, then your home could be damaged, too.

Find out if you’re eligible for compensation for the damage caused to your property and the potential health implications of damp in the home.

  • How can TWD help me?

    The Wall Doctors can inspect your property for any damage caused by poorly installed cavity wall insulation and compile a report for expert solicitors to assess your case. If they think you have a claim, they’ll contact you directly to discuss your options and confirm their appointment.

  • What obvious signs of damage should I look for?

    Poorly installed cavity wall insulation can cause serious damage to your property and cause a number of health implications is left unfixed. Obvious signs of damage to look out for include:

    • Condensation on the inside of your windows, walls or doors.
    • Damp or mould inside your property.
    • Peeling wallpaper or plaster
    • Drafts and cold areas in the house

    If you notice these issues in your home, it could mean the cavity wall insulation in your property was incorrectly installed.

  • What are the health implications?

    While damage to your property is the most common problem caused by poorly installed cavity wall insulation, your family’s health could also be at risk. The longer you’re exposed to contaminated air or mould spores, the higher the risk of developing respiratory problems, respiratory infections and long-term allergies or asthma becomes. Babies, young children and elderly people – or people with eczema or weak immune system – are at most risk from developing health implications.

  • What do I do if I notice damp or suspicious damage?

    Get in touch with us as soon as you notice any damp or suspicious damage so we can survey your property as quickly as possible and determine whether you have a claim. Removing cavity wall insulation while your case in ongoing can hurt your chances so it’s important to get things moving quickly. Also keep an eye on the health of you and your family members – especially for any persistent coughs, irritations or breathing problems.

    Never ignore damp or damage to your property that could be caused by poor ventilation or insulation.


The most common questions

  • How much will it cost to claim?

    The Wall Doctors operate under a strict no win no fee policy, which means you won’t pay anything unless your case is successful. You’ll never be asked to pay anything up front and all legal costs will be taken out of your winnings in the event of a successful claim. The amount you’ll pay for a successful claim depends on how likely your case is expected to win – but you’ll be given a specific figure before your claim begins.

  • How do I start my claim?

    First, fill out our quick survey to give us a little more information about your case or send us pictures of any damage suspected to be caused by cavity wall insulation. Once we’ve looked at your case, we’ll send out one of our expert surveyors to assess your property and compile a report of the damage. This will be sent to our panel of solicitors who will determine whether you have a claim and contact you to explain your next steps.

  • We are here TO HELP

    Poorly installed cavity wall insulation can cause serious damage to your property and the health of your family. Find out if you’re eligible for a claim by filling out our short survey – it won’t take more than a few seconds to complete and you’re under no obligations to proceed regardless of the result.

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We are here

On correctly installed cavity wall insulation can cause serious damage to your property and health.
Find out if you’re eligible to claim by filling in our short survey which tells us a little more about you and the problems you’re experiencing.

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We currently represent clients who are suffering with damp homes that have been devastated by the result of poorly installed cavity wall insulation. We work hard to reach the best outcome for you, your loved ones and your home.

We understand that these circumstances can cause great distress which is why we treat each new case with the sensitivity it deserves as each client is different.

What other say about us


A pleasant young man came to survey my house and within an hour it was passed to my solicitors. I can now see light at the end of the tunnel.

Jane Daniels

Survey, Cup of Tea, a nice chat and bobs your uncle my solicitors had the information they needed. Thank you Wall Doctor

Bryan Hart